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Bifold Doors

Give you home the wow-factor with Bifold doors. At KSeal Glass we are an innovative supplier of high performance glazing solutions, our bi-Fold doors offer a flexible design option and can include both outward and inward opening mechanisms. 

With bifold doors, you can transform your living space and bring it closer to your garden than ever before. Let the outside in with a modern statement like our aluminium bifold doors. 

The unique design allows them to be opened fully / partly or closed completely giving you full flexibility in both summer and winter months.

As well as looking amazing, our bifold doors are built to last. With a number of clever weatherproofing design features, they are resistant to degradation to stand the test of time.

Security & Safety

The in-built multi-locking system secures the door at each hinged section, making it highly resistant to break-ins. Safety glass is used, which is highly resistant to damage and will not form dangerous glass shards if broken.


We use glass with a high level of thermal performance, combined with innovative designs for the aluminium frame that not only provide you with a warm and cosy home, but also provide a high level of noise reduction to keep your home quiet.

Low maintenance

Our bifold doors are highly resistant to weather conditions, which means that they will not rust over the years and will not require re-painting. All the doors need is an occasional wipe clean and a vaccum of the roller system to keep them as good as new for many years to come.

Design Options

You can choose from a variety of design options and finishes using between two and eight door panels.

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Note sizes over 2.5m2 have to have a 6mm glass thickness

mm2 x mm2
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