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K-PlusTM is K-Seal’s range of low emissivity insulated glass units (IGU).

Good quality insulation is an essential attribute of any modern home or workplace. More than a quarter of heat in buildings is lost through the windows and with the rising cost of heating and utilities, it is more important than ever to have glass units that have a high level of thermal performance. For that reason, we developed the K-PlusTM range, which is now a market leading high performance IGU. In fact, it is now the choice of home owners, architects and developers across the country.

All K-PlusTM insulating glass units are designed to keep the interior warm and quiet. Manufactured to to the relevant industry quality and safety accreditations (including BS 5713, ISO 9001 & EN 1279), they offer the following benefits:

  • Airtight
  • High level of thermal performance
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Safe against fire and impact

We are confident that the K-PlusTM range is manufactured to an exceptionally high standard. Therefore, these units are guaranteed against defect for 10 years thus ensuring our customers benefit from a long life guarantee.

Download our  K-PlusTM brochure below:

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Note sizes over 2.5m2 have to have a 6mm glass thickness

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