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Our support for environmental protection and change can be demonstrated by the reduction of heat, light and power that we use in our home. Simply using K-Seal’s EcoGlasTM for your double glazing can reduce the amount of energy that is lost through windows by approximately 90%!

EcoGlasTM reduces the amount of heat lost through windows and it also allows more heat (energy) from the sun in through your windows. This effect is known as solar gain and, as the sun’s heat is free of charge, your home will benefit from its effects all year round. EcoGlasTM incorporates two special types of glass; Low Emissivity glass, which stops heat escaping, and a special “extra clear” glass, which allows more solar heat in through the windows. This maximises the benefits that your home gets from the sun’s heat. The air in the cavity of the insulating glass unit is replaced with argon for improved thermal insulation.

EcoGlasTM will:

  • Improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • Reduce the amount of energy you use
  • Be more effective that single or standard double glazing.

Since 2007, any home that is for sale will be given an environmental efficiency rating and will be sold with an Environmental Protection Certificate. The installation of K-Seal EcoGlasTM insulating glass units will contribute to this and be a positive factor in selling your home. EcoGlasTM will also help most windows gain a minimum C rating on the Window Energy Rating scheme, helping to reduce fuel bills and your carbon footprint. Windows containing K-Seal EcoGlasTM are all rated C or above.

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