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CE Certification

Understand your responsibility

There appears to be lots of misinformation and scaremongering with regards to CE Marking, in particular the implications for installers.

K-Seal Glass Limited, would like to reassure customers that you can still purchase IGU’s from us and frames from your frame supplier, there is no requirement to purchase the complete package from one supplier.

You do become responsible for CE Marking, but it’s very easy and nothing to be concerned about. We have in conjunction with our testing and certification provider CENSolutions, a package of information providing you with a simple step by step guide for compliance with EN 14351-1:2006 + A1:2010.

By taking this approach, you stay in control, you purchase the IGU’s from us, with the quality, lead times and customer orientated approach we pride ourselves on. The frames you purchase in unglazed and CE Mark in your own right.

Please see the attached information pack, invest 1hr of your time in reading/implementing it and then carry on as normal.