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Product Catalogue Bespoke Staircase glass

Staircases with glass balustrades have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are an excellent way to make the home look more modern as well as increasing the levels of light and the sense of space in the living space. Glass can be installed in the staircases by either using brackets or installing the glass directly into a groove in the handrail.

Glass can also be used for the steps and can even be made non-slip by using a sandblast and Ritec coat finish, or by creating a tread with cut grooves.

Design specifications

Glass can be manufactured for any design of staircase - even spiral staircases. Balustrades or steps are made to your exact specifications to suit your requirements.


Glass used for staircases is often thicker than that used for glazing. The glass is also toughened to make it resistant to bumps and knocks. Glass used in steps is thick and layered to be strong enough to bear a heavy weight.

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Note sizes over 2.5m2 have to have a 6mm glass thickness

mm2 x mm2
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