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Document L Simplified

April 22, 2014

As a consequence of amendments to the Building Regulations Document L to take effect from October 1st 2010, window installers and glass manufacturers have experienced much confusion regarding compliance to the new regulations due to the introduction of the new Window Energy Ratings (WER's).

Many mixed messages have been placed in the market place to business and consumers alike resulting in many incorrect assumptions regarding future compliance. At long last (and many would say unacceptably overdue), FENSA has now published a “Simple Method” to comply with Document L which will be received with much relief by the market and consumers in general.

In summary, FENSA has told its registered members that if they could prove their products can achieve a whole window u-value of 1.6 W/m2K or lower, they will comply with Document L. In order to comply, FENSA detailed in its “Simple Method” a set of criteria.


It Stated:  “ If you are installing a PVC-U or a timber window and the frame is fitted with sealed units which make use of soft coated Low E glass, warm-edge spacer bar (minimum 16mm) and 90% argon gas, then FENSA will consider without further evidence that the u-value of 1.6 has been achieved  i.e there will be no need to provide further evidence to the consumer or to the FENSA inspector, providing there is no evidence to suggest that our assumption is incorrect “

The BFRC have also confirmed that by installing the unit described above into a timber or 5 chambered PVC-U window, a u-value of 1.6 will be achieved.

K-Seal Glass view this announcement by FENSA and the BFRC as being much welcomed but well overdue as it will much assist glass companies, window installers and consumers in these difficult economic trading times.

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April 22, 2014
April 22, 2014
June 10, 2014
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